It works great!  My toddler son loves it! 

 Aaron M. 

Decatur, GA 

I love it!  The "Goooal" announcement keeps me focused, motivated and gives me a nudge to stay on task - trying to develop a new pro-indoor soccer league. 

Graham T. 

International Indoor Soccer - GA 


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Todos mis nietos (6) juegan soccer. Cuando yo vi este reloj, vi la necesidad de mandar uno a cada uno de ellos. Estan felices teniendolos en sus cuartos.

 Rodolfo A. - Guadalajara

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This is sure to be any soccer fans favorite gift. My son received one as a gift and his sister had fun taking it to her room. She now has her own and they both love it when it hits the top of the hour gooooooooal!!  This is a must have for soccer fans and coaches. I think we may need to look into this for a fundraiser. 

 Debbie O. 

Tulsa Soccer Club - OK 


Hallo from Germany - what a great idea for the ultimate soccer gift. Everybody in our street would want a clock like this - imagine sitting on the balcony and one hundred of them going off at the same time, you think you are in the Stadium - and that every hour! Wunderbar... Toooooooooor........ 

Johannes M.

Dortelweil, Germany